Overview: Our bodies are made of about 70% water (give or take 15%) depending on age and sex. With this in mind I thought is was important to find a 'clean' source of water to aid my healing.

Water and PH Levels - What is PH? 
PH is a measurement of how Acidic or Alcline something is. The blood in our bodies are apparently supposed to be 7.3 to 7.45 and our stomach acid 3.5 or lower. However, due to our western diet, blood may be more acidic and here lies one of our problems. Cancer and other illnesses thrive in an acidic environment! The reports I have read indicate that if you have more of an alkaline body healing takes place faster, immune systems are stronger and you feel better. Why then did I pour impure fluids down our throat? I have personally tested a variety of drinks for their PH levels and have decided not to drink fluids that I consider to be acidic (ie FiZzY drinks).

Fluoride Poisoning
Can you get poisoned from water? That is the question I have been asking as part of my quest to find out why I get so much pain. There are lots of different water sources; Tap, bottled, spring, filtered and alike. During my research I have come across the subject of water contamination! Most people rely on water from taps, and because it looks clean they trust it. So just what is in our tap water? Well, depending on the area you live will depend what is in it. Chlorine and fluoride are the two things that cause most concern to me, but apparently tap water may also contain aluminium, lead and other heavy metals as well as other impurities. I have even read that there may be hormones and traces of drugs found in tap water! One thing is for sure, personally I don't consider tap water to be perfectly clean.

Filtered Water
I have looked into filtering water and found that you can spend anything from £20 to £2500! Don't get me wrong, any filter is better than no filter. The low end filters and jugs claim to filter out heavy metals. The more expensive you go the more they remove. The trouble is you still don't exactly know what's left after filtration so you are at the mercy of the filter manufacturer, and you still need to regularly replace the filters which costs money  -  I was not happy with that.

Bottled Water
What about bottled water then. Well as I looked into the subject, I have found that most of the manufactures supply good quality water at source but either add stuff to it, or put it in a plastic bottle. Through production, transportation, heat variation and vibration can all apparently cause water contamination. By the time the contents reaches our mouths they may be contaminated.

Distilled Water (My personal Choice)
I started to drinking distilled water in April 2015 and I noticed a difference within three days! I felt better, stronger and more hydrated. The most profound effect was on my sleep which had vastly improved. I have not slept so well in years! I can not conclusively say that distilled water healed me because I was also changing my food at the same time. I know however that the water helped detoxify my body. Will distilled water kill you? I seriously doubt it. Why? Well lets look at a few bits of information I have found. There are people that claim that distilled water will kill you as it has a 'negative charge' and will strip your body of minerals. Well I have found counter claims that go on to explain that calcium and vitamins from a plant also have a negative charge and therefore are unaffected. Marines apparently drink distilled water. Also if you think about it, rain water is distilled. The biggest test though is through my experience. I have been drinking distilled for 3 years and I'm still alive!