Overview: This website is all about my personal journey which resulted in the complete healing of Rheumatoid Inflammatory Arthritis in 2015. I had been suffering with the un-diagnosed Arthritis for 10 years between 2004-2014. I am not a doctor, neither have I had any medical training. However I have my NHS records to prove my claims should they be called upon.

Full Story: I have had problems with my back, knees and ankles since about 2004 when I was only 34 years old. At the time I didn’t know that the pains were the start of Rheumatoid Inflammatory Arthritis. During my childhood I was taught to overeat and food became very much a focus. Although I was encouraged to eat some vegetables, refined sugar and fat loaded foods with meat were the make-up of many meals as well as refined spreads and lots of white bread. I can remember being overweight at the age of nine as my body already began to react to the things that I was eating. During my late teenage years I used to get drunk at least three times a week and continued filling up on junk food, on top of the drink. I also took tablets in the morning to get over my hangovers! Moving on to my adulthood, I continued my binge eating and alcoholic therapy to help me relax. However, as I gained weight from my lifestyle, I ended up in the trap of yo-yo dieting as I desperately tried to lose weight but eventually gave up. In 2006 I had key-hole surgery on one of my knees. Even after that I continued to have regular swelling in both knees and both ankles. At 44 years of age I was 17st 5lbs with my height being just 5"10 (really fat). Over the years I got used to the aches and pains but eventually Arthritis eventually put me in hospital in December 2014 when I had the familiar swelling and pain in my left ankle and I could not walk without crutches. The swelling rapidly spread to all the joints in my legs. After attending A&E and being given medication, my condition got worse. My wife took me back to the doctors again and due to the condition worsening by the hour. I ended up being admitted to the hospital for a total of 8 days! Whilst in hospital, instead of getting better I got worse. The pain was accompanied by temperature and multiple joint swelling. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with me and all they could do was give me powerful pain-killers. After about 5 days in hospital, I was seen by a professor, who through blood and knee fluid tests, diagnosed my condition as Rheumatoid Inflammatory Arthritis . Upon my release from hospital I was prescribed Methotrexate (to kill my immune system), Steroids (to control the swelling), Folic Acid and Calcium supplements. However, I continued to live in pain and was medication dependant without the prospect of a cure, according to the NHS. It was in March 2015 that I had only what I can only describe as a spiritual revelation which opened led me to believing that food and drinks were the cause of my disease. I started to study food and water and driven by faith, I changed what I ate and drank.  As soon as I started to view food and water as medicine and started to make choices based on my growing knowledge, I saw an effect on my inflammation and the pain started to reduce. By June 2015 I was pain and medicine free. I finally told the hospital nurses that I was drug free in December 2015 much to their amazement.