Overview: I am not a vegetarian, vegan or WfPb and I certainly do not want to undermine any of these groups beliefs.  However late 2017 I started to lean towards a plant based diet and got some surprising results! In short 9 kilo weight loss and increased energy in 7 weeks!

Vegetarian: I figured that if I was going plant based, I may as well go the extra mile and cut fish (some vegetarians do appear to eat seafood).
Vegan: I can't be a dedicated vegan for these reasons. I found that there are two types of vegans. 1) The type that live off processed sugary foods - and I have a huge issue with this as sugar lead to my diagnosed RA illness. 2) The type that lean toward more of a plant based diet. However I also discovered that some of the the vegan movement appears to be  linked to some animal rights movements and protests. I'm not saying that's wrong, its just not me. 
WfPb: (Whole food Plant based)
group do not consume oils and still consume animal products for some protein.