Various health indicators including pain in lower back, painful knees, swollen ankles and sore achilles tendon problems. Dec 2014 Hospital diagnosed me with Arthritis after having a massive inflammation attack which left me unable to get out of bed. 

Jan 2015 
Infusions and tablets - over 2000mg of steroids. Also started Methertrexate (supposedly for the rest of my life) Jan 2015 Started to reduce my carbs to 100 grams and sugars to 30 grams daily. I used this method to help control flare ups and pains. 

18th March 2015 
Started making bone broth and drank a cup full three times daily. As my knees got stronger I reduced it to twice a month. 

24th March 2015 
Started drinking only distilled water including in my tea and coffee. I also gave up all man made drinks such as Coke, Sprite etc 

1st April 2015 
Introduced raw foods into my diet. Over half my daily food intake is now raw. 

7th April 2015 
Decided to stop taking all my medication! - Please note, I do not recommend you do this without consulting your doctor! 

1st June 2015 
Gave up caffeine to see what happens to my weight. I am still confused about caffeine, there are many different views so I decided to do my own experiments! Got some bad headaches over the next few days. 

July 2015 
Feeling great, considering writing a book! August 2015 Increasing my carbs and slowly introducing some 'bad' food days. Still feeling great! 

September 2015 
Bad move I have been drinking alcohol (a very small amount) and I started to eat more bad foods including chocolate brownies! This has resulted in a slight flare up of my left foot. I cut out alcohol straight away and have re-implemented healing foods. Unfortunately, it looked like I had indulged too early and had to go back to using a small dose of oral steroids. However, I did get better again. 

October 2015
I have been on and off steroids during this month. Last month's bad habits were not worth it! I am still off Metotrexate though. All in all the pain is not too bad and I have had no time off sick at all. 

November 2015 
This month I decided to be a bit extreme, and decided to implement the 'Daniel Diet'. This is an ancient diet straight from biblical history (about 2800 years ago) After completing just 10 days I feel amazing. No pain at all, no tablets no worries and I lost 7lbs! Don't know why I'm so surprised really, there is a lot we can learn from history, especially biblical history. I have decided to re-visit this 10 day regime every 3 months just because of the amazing results. I'm back to 50% raw foods / day, including fruit and veg. 

December 2015 
Wow, i have got through the month without trouble. December has historically been the wore month for the pains. However, it looks like my good diet has paid off... Roll on 2016! 

January 2016 
So far, totally awesome! No meds and I haven't even been that strict with my diet - No problems at all.

 February 2016 
The month started off great. I had an eye test and they confirmed that my vision had also healed! If anyone requires proof of this I will make sure you have access to my records. 

March 2016 to May 2016 
No problems June 2016 Slight swelling on right ankle after about a month of regular drinking (alcohol). I managed to get the swelling down within 72 hours using food. I did need ibuprofen to help but no more than a couple of tablets. My doctor is also concerned about my cholesterol (caused by previous medication) but I halved it in 4 days using food and NO meds. I also had a hospital appointment which showed my inflammatory markers to be less than 1 !!! 

July to August 2016 
No problems at all :) August 2016 to December 2016 No problems at all :) 

January to February 2017 
A little discomfort in left ankle probably due to Christmas festivities - I'm conscious that I need to take in some green salads soon!

 March to May 2017 
Wow, this month is my 3rd year anniversary of my quest for healing. It was in March 2015 that I realised food and water was making me ill. To top it all of I am now swimming nearly every day! 3 YEARS WITHOUT MEDS!!!!!!!! Also, I am now on a mission to reduce some of my weight. Currently I have no swelling and only a little pain in my left anckle. Feeling good :)