10 years of Rheumatoid Arthritis to no pain or medication. Follow my discoveries as I research food and health. 1300 hours of research in the last three year & all content here is free!

#Vegetarian friendly
but i'm not vegetarian

#Vegan Friendly
but i'm not vegan

#wfpb friendly
but i'm not wfpb

I am currently updating and improving my pages. Sorry for any inconvenience

Website News
So i have decided to update my website. I am aiming for more concise information and sections that are easier to access and navigate. I have also gained more knowledge about food recently which I will be logging in due course. 
Updated (07/01/2018)

Instagram News
I am now officially on Instagram! To look me up, search Instagram for myquestforhealing.uk to follow what I am eating. 
Updated (07/01/2018)

Facebook News
I am looking to start a Facebook page in 2019. People need to know the truth about my healing!
Updated (07/01/2018)