Discover my personal journey which resulted in the healing of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had been suffering with Arthritis for 10 years between 2004-2014 before diagnosis. Today I have no pain at all and I am not on any medications any more! Follow my ongoing discoveries as I continue to research food & tell my story  (Read more here)

#Vegetarian Friendly
but I'm not vegetarian

#Vegan Friendly
but I'm not vegan

#wfpb Friendly
but I'm not wfpb

#Sugarfree Friendly
I am 98% sugar free

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Website News
I am currently updating my website and I'm aiming for more information & sections that are easier to access and navigate. Feel free to browse but be aware that content will change. Find out what pages I recently updated here.
Updated (28/01/2018)

Exercise News
I highly recommend training at Runway Fitness if you live near Southend on Sea. Click here to find out more.

Updated (03/02/2018)

Instagram News
I'm starting to get followers on Instagram! Feel to follow me and check it out
Updated (27/01/2018)

Facebook News
My Facebook page has arrived, I use it mainly to point to this website but feel free to check it out here
Updated (28/01/2018)